Why I really really really love Apple

Not because it's a symbol. For me, a child of former regime, born in CzechoSlovak Socialistic Republic behind the Iron Curtain it is still a symbol of freedom, of USA, where the freedom start with your four vehicle and one plate, a freedom, that when you cross the boarders, the customs will not investigate your ass! And yes, I now, that since that times, USA changed a lot!

But wait, it is not only like a freedom for the or of the freedom - hardcore, isn't? But trust me, for us, who lived and traveled, when the boarder were an exit to better life the taste of freedom is totally different, as to sweet sixteen years old around us today, who can without any fear wear his tattoo on the shoulder. Apple brought me the feeling of real freedom, a freedom from Personal Computers. They were a prison. For me.

Well, imagine, I am a left handed guy and still love my Iphone, even it's not really lefthanded friendly. I tell you why:

Because all the androids, windows and other mobile or PC operational systems were created for logic. Elementary, if you like this word more. And Apple? Intuitive. Everything is exactly there, where I am looking for it. And usually I find everything. Not complicated, hiden, clear only if you are a PC maniac and so on. Remember, I met my first comp, when I was sixteen. Yeah, the rising electronic devices market was a creation of the evil capitalism, therefore banned in our great country.

So please stop telling me, that Apple with all the news are ruining the old. I have MacBook Pro, Iphone 4s, formerly own 3g, Ipod (stolen!) and I loved them all.

Let me say, I understand a technologic logic maniac, he is maybe totally lost in the Apple navigation, as I definitly was lost in PC unfriendly OS.


I own my MacBook since 2009. And still works. Knock knock, on the wood. My girlfriend bought a 900,- Euro notebook (the MacBook cost cca 1800,- €) and after a 1 year(!) it started to be noisy, slow and shitty. Yeah, maybe it's time to buy a new one. And I can lean back and still be happy with my good old Pro. Once you go Pro, you never go back...

And I am looking forward to my new Iphone 5s. Not for show off or something like that. But I am really excited, when I am working, playing, creating new stuff on my Apples.


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